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Private Tours of South Korea...

Nigel Sutherland in Korea

We're waiting to help plan your perfect tour itinerary.

We work closely with associates and guides based in Seoul who can devise private tours of South Korea - perfect for family groups or friends traveling together!

If you like the sound of one of our Group Tour suggestions, but would rather do it on a private basis just for you and your family, let us know and we'll send a quotation and itinerary.

Simply let us know the day you will arrive and the number of days you wish to stay.

If you'd like us to design a bespoke tour, let us know the destinations you would like to include. Popular destinations are shown below...

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Modern architecture and areas of pop culture, such as Gangnam, contrast with historic traditional structures in this vibrant city, built around The Han River. Charming Seoul has gorgeous palaces, tempting restaurants, and stylish chic shopping outlets.

The palaces of Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung are sites to attract enthusiasts of traditional Korean architecture. Create a Tour Enquiry...

DMZ - The Demilitarised Zone

A fascinating region to visit, a DMZ Tour gives an insight into the long-running conflict between North and South Korea. Look across into North Korea from the Observation Post, and experience history walking through the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel.

Other sites of interest are the modern Dorasan Train Station, which stands as a symbol of hope for the eventual reunification of North and South Koreas, and Dorasan Peace Park. Create a Tour Enquiry...


Close to Seoul, Suwon is best known for its Hwaseong Fortress, with its solid stone walls, attractive archways, towers, and four pagoda style gates. Dating from the Joseon dynasty the fortress is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Suwon also boats the impressive Hwaseong Haenggung Palace. Create a Tour Enquiry...


Andong, situated alongside the Nakdong river, is renowned for the Andong Hahoe Village, a UNESCO World Heritage site displaying historic Korean traditions and culture. Create a Tour Enquiry...


Gyeongju, a coastal city, is often referred to as an "open-air museum", with its traditional features and rich heritage. Once capital of the ancient Silla kingdom, the city of Gyeongju is packed with cultural historic sites going back many centuries, including the famed Bulguksa Temple, a UNESCO world heritage site. Create a Tour Enquiry...


In the peaceful and scenic Taebaek Mountains, Pyeongchang is most recently famed for having hosted Korea's Winter Olympic Games in 2018. Its National Park is a rambler's delight with pathways running between snow-capped peaks.

As well as ski resorts, Pyeongchang is home to several stunning Buddhist shrines. Create a Tour Enquiry...

Seoraksan National Park

In the UNESCO protected Seoraksan National Park, snow covered mountains form a stunning background to the park's temple architecture. Here you can trek a number of nature trails, or simply take in the scenery by traveling by cable-car. Create a Tour Enquiry...


Busan, the second largest city in South Korea is a city with expansive sandy beaches and modern high-rise buildings that contrast with traditional Buddhist temples.

The Haedong Yonggungsa temple is a "must-visit" as is the popular Jagalchi fish market. Busan mainly features in our tours of South Korea that include the eastern side of the country. Create a Tour Enquiry...


Boseong is the primary tea growing region of South Korea, where local women hand-pick the tea leaves in traditional terraced fields, which are surrounded by attractive hills.

This high quality green tea has been harvested at the Boseong Tea Plantation for over 1600 years. Boseong usually features in the South Korea tours that include the western side of the country. Create a Tour Enquiry...

Jeju Island

Off the south coast of Korea's mainland is the beautiful Jeju Island, where white sand beaches nestle within forests of pine trees, whilst other features include volcanic craters and lava caves.

Jeju Island's rich culture is complemented by beautiful botanical gardens, making this a popular holiday destination. Create a Tour Enquiry...

When submitting your Private Tour Enquiry, simply let us know the destinations you wish to include, the day you will arrive, and the number of days you wish to stay.

Alternatively, select a suggested Group Tour Itinerary, but let us know that you would like to undertake the tour on a private basis.

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